No other sport mirrors how we approach our business, like motorsports. Many facets must come together to be successful; mechanical, electrical, and of course, people. Every component is carefully engineered and tested to stand the rigors of race day.

Our engineers have looked to motorsport numerous times for inspiration on design and durability solutions for components in the AUTOParkit System. The technology transfer from motorsports is undeniable. U-joints, drive systems, gears as well as the advanced coatings we use for protection and reduced friction were all originally developed for motorsports.

Racing also provides us the opportunity to expose our brand to a wider market and use race days to entertain customers, vendors, and their family’s trackside. We firmly believe that relationships are key to success. Our motorsports involvement provides the perfect venue to gather, entertain, and educate. These events build comradery, understanding, and a personal bond so important in business today.

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