Pricing Rule of Thumb #1:

An AUTOParkit System is comparable in price to above grade conventional parking structures when the stall count exceeds 250 Stalls.

NOTE: The number of stalls will vary based on: the site’s geographical location, building codes, prevailing wage, and shipping costs.

Pricing Rule of Thumb #2:

If the parking garage is subterranean, an AUTOParkit System will likely be the best affordable option.

Pricing Rule of Thumb #3:

AUTOParkit Pricing is defined by 3 qualifiers: Density, Performance, and Options.

Pricing Rule of Thumb #4:

The starting price for an AUTOParkit System is $1.5M.

Pricing Rule of Thumb #5:

75% of an AUTOParkit System is considered Capital Equipment and has an accelerated depreciation schedule. (see Architect Tools, Page)

autoparkit pricing

Our 3 Step Process

1. We draft a Conceptual Layout,

2. If approved, you sign a Conceptual Design Agreement,

3. Then we create a full conceptual layout, and build a project budget based on density, performance, and options.

After these 3-steps are accomplished you will have solid design and a ROM (rough order magnitude) for an AUTOParkit System customized for your site.

To get started Contact Us and Request a Conceptual Layout.

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