The Many Benefits of AUTOParkit


Normally doubles the stall count as compared to a conventional garage or reduces the space by half.


Comparable to above-grade parking structure over 250 stalls, least expensive option for underground installations. Two levels of parking require only 15 feet of vertical height.


Off-the-shelf electrical controls and power distribution from Siemens are available worldwide. MSA/MSP is offered and supported by GarageFloor24, a separate company solely dedicated to automated applications in commercial buildings.


No robotics, no hydraulics.
Standard control with all AC Motors.


Designed to retrieve
vehicles in 40-120 seconds.


No operator required –
AUTOParkit System is fully automated.


Reduces Maintenance and Operating costs by 40%. Reduces Carbon Emissions and Fuel Consumption by 83%. Contributes up to 17 LEED Points.

Tax Incentive

75% of the AUTOParkit System is capital equipment for a shorter deprecation schedule.


Supports EV Charging Level I, II, and DC Fast Charging which can be installed initially or aftermarket.


Create multiple revenue streams by; (i) offering traditional valet service to service local market; (ii) long-term parking; (iii) storage containers; (iv) automated rental car delivery/return; (v) integrated as well as automated car wash station.

Future Ready

Scalable Modular Architecture with a bolt and frame technology eases future conversions. Pallets can be ready for storing; bicycles, marine craft, storage containers, EVs, and motorcycles.

Quality & Speed

Subsystems built and tested off-site, which reduces garage construction time.

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