AUTOParkit™ Park Kiosk

Autoparkit Load Bays

The parking process is be activated touchless inside the Load Bay using the AUTOParkit Mobile App or manually via a wall or free-standing Park Kiosk. A Park Kiosk finalizes activation through user identification and a safety questionnaire. The Park Kiosk can also accommodate service requests such as EV and Hybrid Charging.

System Access

To enhance efficiency as a driver approaches the system, Wayfinder signage signifies which Load Bay to enter. As the car proceeds to the green lit Load Bay, the overhead door automatically opens allowing the user to drive into the Load Bay.

Load Bays can be configured with single or dual doors that provide separate entrance and exit points. Single door Load Bays are equipped with a turn table (as in a dual door Load Bay) to turn vehicles 180 degrees to drive straight in and straight out of the system. Dual door Load Bays can also utilize a turn table to enhance the ease and efficiency of entering and exiting the system


The retrieval of a vehicle can be activated touchless via the AUTOParkit APP, FOB or even a room key. The user simply pulls up the App on their mobile devise or use an exterior or remote Park Kiosk to retrieve their vehicle. In the case of a FOB or Room key a simply swipe at the Park Kiosk begin the process. The APP or Park Kiosk display provides where the request is in the queue and tell you what load bay the vehicle will be arriving and notify when it has been delivered.

The vehicle is delivered to the Load Bay entirely touchless. Only the person with the app or access device can unlock the Load Bay passage door once again on the Mobile APP or the load bay Park Kiosk. The car is delivered facing towards the exit and ready to drive out of the system. When the car exits the exterior door closes and is ready for the next user.


With AUTOParkit’ users never drive around and around searching for an open stall. And unlike a conventional garage where the entire garage is essentially pedestrian space with AUTOParkit only Load Bays are occupied. Parkers never walk across a busy travel lane, enter a stairwell or search for the elevator. Parkers don’t waste gasoline, breathe exhaust fumes or dust of any kind – they simply pull into one of our automated Load Bays.

Upon return there is no need to remember where the vehicle is parked, spend time walking through the garage, taking an elevator or risk additional exposure as when activated the vehicle is automatically returned to the Load Bay.


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