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It All Starts In The Trenches


Subterranean Excavation Continues for AUTOParkit™ System


Marina Del Ray, CA August 4, 2017 – The AUTOParkit System by Dasher Lawless Automation is currently under development while the site is removing nearly 700,000 cubic feet of soil.

Christopher Alan, President of Dasher Lawless Automation and creator of the AUTOParkit™ System, said, “By running in parallel it allows the AUTOParkit System to be built simultaneously with construction. This approach allows us to reduce the overall development schedule. When the project is ready, we can ship from our warehouse the various subsystems to the site for installation. It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle which is created and staged off-site.” The subsystems are delivered in phases to reduce demand for on-site storage, potential damage, and theft.  Prior to shipping each subsystem must pass a Factory Acceptance Test or FAT which is to validate each individual piece of equipment. “It is not enough for us to build in a modular fashion we still need to know that each piece of equipment works-as-designed”, summarized Christopher Alan.


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AUTOParkit™ is designed, manufactured, and constructed by Dasher Lawless Automation LLC a Los Angeles, CA based firm. These fully automated parking structures are for new and existing sites that can potentially double parking capacity compared to the same volume as a traditional ramped concrete parking structure. AUTOParkit’s sustainable approach to fully automated parking provides up to 17 LEED points; enables faster construction due to a modular/scalable architecture; is 40% less expensive to operate since it is automated; is safer for the user and delivers a necessary, convenient alternative to an escalating global problem.

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 AUTOParkit™ System Reduces Excavation by Half

Marina Del Ray, CA July 6, 2017 – Dasher Lawless Automation broke ground last month on a subterranean, 277 stall AUTOParkIt System. It is the largest fully automated parking structure below grade in the U.S. It is longer than a football field and features multiple load bays to service both tenants and guests. This Auto Parkit System will rotate vehicles 180° to allow drivers the convenience of driving directly out of the structure when exiting without ever having to reverse. The system also features automated electric vehicle charging stalls and automated bicycle storage.

View of AUTOParkit™ Load Bay

Going below ground with a traditional approach would have required a depth of over 40 feet and with the high-water table it would have render the project unbuildable in its current form. The AUTOParkit System required only 16 feet and less than half required by the traditional approach. “The water table notwithstanding, reducing the depth had the project saving over a million dollars”, summarized Christopher Alan. “An AUTOParkit System below grade is actually less expensive than a comparable traditional concrete structure which really opens up opportunities for developers that face similar issues. Additionally, locating the fully automated parking structure below grade allows the development to maximize the grade level for rentable space.”




Christopher Alan, President of Dasher Lawless Automation and creator of the AUTOParkit™ System, said, “AUTOParkit is a modular, scalable system. It can be designed for above grade, below grade or both. The project with Creative Office incorporates a variety of equipment to increase through-put to meet the project’s peak hour demand. A key advantage of the AUTOParkit architecture is it’s building block approach and off-the-shelf technology. While the underlying API System adapts to the individual site, the user experience remains consistent. The driver pulls into a single stall load bay (garage) exits their vehicle and completes a short questionnaire then leaves. The API System then automatically parks the car. When the driver requests their vehicle from the system it is returned back to an available load bay. Simple.”


Interior View of AUTOParkit™ Vehicle Rack Storage Structure

The project schedule calls for the AUTOParkit System, once completed, to be used for material storage for the duration of construction of the project. Christopher Alan, a seasoned developer, explains, “Most sites have their challenges with material delivery, staging, damage, and theft. The AUTOParkit System is built to automatically store vehicles however the system does not distinguish between a 6,000-pound vehicle and 500 2x4s or 40 toilets or stacks of conduit. If the material fits inside the ‘vehicle envelope’ we can place it onto a pallet and store it in the rack structure where it is secure. The material can then be requested to be delivered to the load bay when it is needed. This allows the project manager to know which subcontractor has requested what material to improve material tracking.”



Max Williams, Christopher Alan and Shawn Adams assess site

Dasher Alan and Christopher Alan share a funny moment at ground breaking ceremony

For media requests, please contact Shawn Adams at C 630.310.1902


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US News and World Report – AUTOParkit™ Positive Economic Impact

US News and World Report LOGO

US News and World Report

By Andrew Soergel ECONOMY REPORTER for US News and World Report

Christopher Alan President and CEO of Dasher Lawless Automation discusses positive economic impact of AUTOParkit™ in Warren, OH.



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AUTOParkit Announces Purchase of GE Building


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Robotic Parking Garage Makes Parking Easy

Advances in Technology are making it easier for drivers to park their vehicles. There are more parking spots available and there are also benefits to the environment.

Robotic Parking Garage Makes Parking Easy

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Warren, OH Port authority director impressed with AUTOParkit™ facility in Los Angeles, CA

LOS ANGELES — Warren’s mayor and John Moliterno of the Western Reserve Port Authority were among the Mahoning Valley officials who attended today’s grand opening of an Auto Parkit automated parking structure.

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Warren, OH mayor sees product of company planning to invest in the city.

AUTOParkit™, which creates fully-automated parking garages, wants to build a plant at the old Delphi site in Warren

Warren mayor sees product of company planning to invest in the city

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Innovative Parking Garage

Mayor Jim Clarke participated in the ribbon cutting last Friday for the new automated parking garage in the Helms Bakery District, 8758 Venice Blvd.  The project was constructed by AUTOParkit™.  To access the garage, drivers enter through a traditional garage door, turn off their car, and walk a few steps to a kiosk where they activate the AUTOParkit™ System.  Then the driver’s car is safely whisked away by an industrial, commercially adapted high tech system. There are no attendants required with an AUTOParkit™ System, self-monitored with notifications on performance, sent electronically via email, text or automated call.

City Manager’s Bi-Weekly Update to the Community

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Helms complex opens new parking structure

Helms-Parking-StructureCity officials from Los Angeles and Culver City gathered March 10 for the opening of the fully automated parking structure at the Helms Bakery complex. Pictured, from left, are Los Angeles City Councilmen Bob Blumenfield and Marqueece Harris-Dawson, property owner Wally Marks, Christopher Alan, Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson, Warren, Ohio, Mayor William “Doug” Franklin, Culver City Mayor Jim Clarke and Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Bloom. (Photo by Ricardo Caillet-Bois)

CULVER CITY — Helms Bakery and AutoParkIt unveiled the region’s largest fully automated parking structure March 10.

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AutoParkit™ prepared for changing parking landscape

Tribune Chronicle / R. Michael Semple This is an exterior view of the former Delphi plant where Warren native Christopher Alan wants to build his AutoParkit manufacturing facility. He said he met with the property owner last week and expects to hear soon about the sale of the land.

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