AUTOParkit employs innovative design, industrial rated controls, extensively tested software, and tough mechanical components. Our holistic approach and proven processes ensure 99.99% reliability.

AUTOParkit’s sister company GarageFloor24 deploys 24/7 monitor systems to ensure trouble-free service. GarageFloor24 employs a variety of ways to manage and remotely troubleshoot systems, including High Definition IP Cameras and remote control for manual intervention.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software automatically track every moving part. All the data gathered is timestamped and stored into a database that allows for predictive failure algorithms to be executed, searching for any potential failures. If an issue is identified, either by the software or a monitoring team member, a service request is generated and sent to the maintenance team. This continuous monitoring of the system’s components and the early notification allows for proactive repair to be performed prior to a system failure.