GarageFloor24 (GF24) was established in 2016 to integrate a local, diversified, highly-trained team dedicated to the maintenance of machine automation used in commercial applications with a remote, equally qualified, 24-7 monitoring team to mitigate the time required to resolve customer issues to deliver 99.99% uptime of each installation.

TWO Activities ONE GOAL:

99.99% Reliability

Maintenance and Support


Maintenance Service Agreements

  • On-site Monthly Maintenance Services
  • Emergency Repair Services
  • Spare Parts Inventory, Manuals, Training
  • Maintenance Service Levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold)


Service Plan

  • 24-hour Monitoring
  • 24-hour Support
  • 24-hour Remote Operation
  • 24-hour Report Generation Capability

CONNected 24/7

  • The GF24 Monitoring Team is centrally located but connected to each system using high-speed Internet and custom SCADA software for immediate notification of Warning and Fault conditions. Additionally, the team uses machine animation for visual diagnostics and high-speed internet cameras for instant clarification of machine conditions and responses.

  • The advanced SCADA software allows for predictive failure analysis that generates work-orders for on-site maintenance staff which corrects issues before a failure causes an unwarranted shut-down.

  • Performance, asset management, and maintenance reports are also generated by GF24 software.

On-Site & On Demand

  • GF24 Maintenance Team is trained and equipped for
    ALL maintenance activities.
  • Communicates regularly with Monitoring team.
  • Completes Routine Maintenance & Inspection, Service Requests and
    Work Orders.
  • Manages on-site spare parts inventory.
  • Available for E-SOR and System Enhancements.

For Technical Support Contact:

(844) 688-4324

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