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Load Bay Design

Safe, secure, and efficient our Load Bays can provide an exciting and unique feature to any building or development. The Load Bay is the first place to make an impression on a visitor. Our design and architectural staff can create an environment that is as inviting and memorable as your building’s lobby.

Load Bay


EV and Hybrid Vehicles are popular in many cities. AUTOParkit makes it easy to keep vehicles fully charged with AUTOChargit’s autonomous charging solution.

Charging Pallets

Bike Parking &
Storage Pallets

Today, people are using bicycles to commute to work, run errands, and weekly exercise. Road bike or beach cruiser, AUTOParkit’s bike pallets are designed to efficiently store bicycles.

Bike Pallets


Easily integrated into AUTOParkit, AUTOStorit solutions directly deliver units to the storage bay for easy loading and unloading. The 8’ x 14’ x 7’ containers are perfectly suited for storage businesses, residential and mixed-use developments. Containers may be customized for a variety of uses utilizing single or multiple storage areas. AUTOStorit units have a much higher density and a much smaller footprint when compared to a conventional storage area or facility.


motorcycle PARKING &

Cosmopolitan cities have demonstrated that motorcycles and scooters are perfect for high-density urban living. Motorcycle pallets are the latest parking and storage solution from the designers at Dasher Lawless Automation. AUTOParkit is the first to offer automated parking designed explicitly for the motorcycle enthusiast.

Motorcycle Pallets