About AUTOParkit™

We are a technology leader in automated parking solutions, offering benefits over traditional parking structures, customized to fit any site.


AUTOParkit™ System

Imagine parking twice the cars in the same space. AUTOParkit™ addresses parking volumetrically at a cost equal to or lower than traditional parking structures.


Safety & Convenience

The modular design of an AUTOParkit™ System allows scalable solutions for both new and existing construction projects.



Environmentally Conscious

AUTOParkit™ provides a “Green” parking solution to address the increasing demand for environmentally conscious developments.

Precision Control

Vehicles are mechanically stored with precision control, and the narrower stalls allow twice as many cars in the same space, or the same number in half the space.

LEED Solutions

The AUTOParkit™ parking system offers various environmental frameworks that provide an opportunity for LEED solutions.

Intelligent Design

Parking that integrates with the overall design concepts, removes barriers of cost & time for the developers and at the same time interacts with customers’ needs.
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  • US News and World Report – AUTOParkit™ Positive Economic Impact

    By Andrew Soergel ECONOMY REPORTER for US News and World Report Christopher Alan President and CEO of Dasher Lawless Automation discusses positive economic impact of AUTOParkit™ in Warren, OH.

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  • AUTOParkit™ Featured on KTLA Channel 5’s TECH SMART with Rich Demuro

    Rich Demuro www.RichOnTech.tv takes an in depth, behind the scenes look the AUTOParkit™ System at Helms Bakery,  the largest FULLY AUTOMATED PARKING structure in the Western U.S.A., by

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  • AUTOParkit Announces Purchase of GE Building

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