Load Bay Design

The AUTOParkit System is extremely secure. The combination of video cameras and infrared laser scanners ensures users cannot be intruded upon. The Load Bay Kiosk requires users to answer simple questions to activate the system. Designed to ensure the vehicle is turned off, safe, and ready to enter, the system’s questions may also require pass codes for activation

  1. Did you turn the car engine off?
  2. Did you set the parking brake?
  3. Did you close all the car doors?
  4. Are there any people in the car?
  5. Are there any pets in the car?

user interface

AUTOParkit Systems have a variety of options for a user interface. You may choose to use a conventional ticket, Key FOB, Facial Recognition, Finger Print, Hotel Key Card, or the AUTOParkit APP.

Retrieval can be initiated remotely using our App or by having remote Key FOB/ticket readers on the property. Simply pay the parking fee and the system is automatically notified to retrieve your vehicle.