Safety and Convenience

AUTOParkit™ shifts the parking paradigm so that every parking space is valet-served and ADA handicap accessible. Instead of a driver going to the vehicle, with an AUTOParkit™ System, the vehicle comes to the driver. During the brief retrieval time, users wait in a clean, well lit, dry, protected and highly visible valet station. Vehicles are delivered between 40-120 seconds. Because AUTOParkit™ is fully automated, belongings in the vehicle are safe and secure car keys stay with the driver at all times.

Highly Reliable

AUTOParkit™ uses only world-class controls with built-in redundancies, including industrial rated electric motors and drives. Safety devices include ultrasonic sensors, light curtains, motion detectors and HD cameras. The reliability of an AUTOParkit™ System is enhanced by engineering consolidated motorized sub- systems that are continuously monitored for optimal system performance 24/7.