AUTOParkit™ Automated Parking System (AMPS)

Parking is in high demand and the demand continues to grow. Traditional parking facilities are typically expensive, unsafe, aesthetically unappealing, an inefficient use of land, and environmentally unfriendly. The AUTOParkit™ Automated Parking System (AMPS) offers a viable alternative that is cost effective, versatile, safe and secure, space efficient, user and maintenance friendly,and environmentally sound. These benefits are attributed to innovations in design, construction and functionality. AUTOParkit™ is a cutting edge technology and leader in automated parking solutions, offering numerous benefits over traditional concrete parking structures because it can be customized to fit any site, thereby maximizing real estate usage. The modular, flexible and expandable system is adaptable for self-storage and marina dry docking, and can be installed above or below ground, on rooftops, or within existing structures as well as adjacent to buildings. The applications are virtually limitless.


AUTOParkit™ can provide LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification credits. Economic indicators such as long-term growth of the commercial real estate market, increased number of vehicles on the road, decreased availability of land in dense urban areas and increased cost of construction materials, all point to continued demand for new parking solutions – enabling developers, parking providers and retailers to maximize capacity and profitability while increasing benefits to the consumer/general public. AUTOParkit™ is an extraordinary, innovative, technological achievement in automated parking garage systems that will pave the way for the shift from traditional parking to automated parking solutions. It’s parking rethought, reinvented, and re-engineered.