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Chapter 1 – Prelude



Welcome.  My name is Shawn Adams and I am currently the VP of Automation at AutoParkit. I joined AutoParkit in July of 2013 and was associated with the company before that helping them launch their inaugural installation in February 2013 at “The Savannahs” located at 14309 Burbank Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91401.


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Chapter 2 – Introduction





Whew, second post and I am still standing.

This blog is dedicated to telling a real-time story from a front row-seat of a fully automated parking development. It will start with Concept move to Construction followed by Commissioning and end with Completion.

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Chapter 3 – Lines & Boxes

Every initial meeting we have hosted with a perspective developer/architect generally centers around 2 fundamental questions: How many cars can you park on my site? How much will this system cost?

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Chapter 4 – Volumetrically

I realized I have not answered the most basic question, “How many cars can you park”, but I have introduced the idea of “peak demand” and vehicle orientation. So to fully answer the question of how many, we need to understand how traditional parking has worked. Any driver that has parked in a traditional ramped parking structure has seen the height restriction notice upon entry.

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Chapter 5 – Singles, Tandems, Triples Oh My

Singles, Tandems, Triples Oh My

In my last edition we discussed factors that drive the density of vehicles parked or answering the preverbal question “How many cars can you park?”  However I failed to mention the easiest way to answer that question is to send us an email at with a site address. In about 2-3 days (less if the site is fairly uncomplicated) you will have our answer. We normally include a few options in our response.

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Chapter 6 – Back of Napkin

Back of a Napkin

The best Ideas are often written on the back of a napkin.

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Chapter 7 – User Experience

User Experience

The underlying concern during the entire concept design phase is keeping focused on the user experience. It is easy to be engulfed with set-back requirements, shoring, column grid placement, park and retrieval throughput, building codes, electrical distribution, LAN speeds, etc. At AutoParkit we try to maintain a perspective that we are delivering a Fully Automated Parking System. Fully automated means that there are no operators required for the system. Therefore the API System needs to execute flawlessly regardless of how the user interacts with the API System.

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Chapter 8 – A Look Back

A Look Back


‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ George Santayana,

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Chapter 9 – Who Are We

Who We Are

Moments after closing the webinar from a recent, energetic project meeting on our next AutoParkit development, a simple observation was noted. We are all geeks about cars. It was not limited to the internal team, but the extended team as well. Partners, integrators, distributors, suppliers all share this underlying common bond.  Now that may seem a bit extreme but aside from sharing the dream of changing the way people will park their vehicles (safer, fasters, easier with a smaller carbon footprint) the casual observation was more than true.

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Chapter 10 – Who’s Got Next

Who’s Got Next


Breaking ground is one of the sweetest phrases in the English Language. September 15, 2014 the Helms Bakery ( Project broke ground! As any seasoned developer will confess from initial concept to drawings and endless meetings, code research, details, pushbacks, revisions, corrections, additions, it can be an exhausting process. Now couple that with a relatively new parking concept it can add a tad bit of stress. Fortunately working with AutoParkit we pioneered the LA Building Codes to address a Fully Automated Parking Structure and secured a LARR (Los Angeles Research Report Number). Experience is a dividend that pays early and throughout the entire process.

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