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Robotic Parking Garage Makes Parking Easy

Advances in Technology are making it easier for drivers to park their vehicles. There are more parking spots available and there are also benefits to the environment.

Robotic Parking Garage Makes Parking Easy

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Warren, OH mayor sees product of company planning to invest in the city.

AUTOParkit™, which creates fully-automated parking garages, wants to build a plant at the old Delphi site in Warren

Warren mayor sees product of company planning to invest in the city

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Helms complex opens new parking structure

Helms-Parking-StructureCity officials from Los Angeles and Culver City gathered March 10 for the opening of the fully automated parking structure at the Helms Bakery complex. Pictured, from left, are Los Angeles City Councilmen Bob Blumenfield and Marqueece Harris-Dawson, property owner Wally Marks, Christopher Alan, Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson, Warren, Ohio, Mayor William “Doug” Franklin, Culver City Mayor Jim Clarke and Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Bloom. (Photo by Ricardo Caillet-Bois)

CULVER CITY — Helms Bakery and AutoParkIt unveiled the region’s largest fully automated parking structure March 10.

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A Southern California company that constructs fully automated car garages is seeking to eliminate the sometimes troublesome process of parking a vehicle.

Auto Parkit has built several advanced-technology garages, including a new one at the Helms Bakery campus in Culver City. The structure houses 247 vehicles.
According to the company’s president and founder, Christopher Alan, a similar-size standard garage — with driveways, ramps, and headroom — would only be able to fit 86 vehicles.
Though the price of an individual structure was not disclosed, Auto Parkit officials said the company is able to build robotic garages for roughly the same cost as regular concrete facilities — but with far less maintenance.

Standard garages need ventilation and lighting systems that must run constantly, a concern that does not apply to automated garages as they remain unoccupied.
“The cars don’t run, they’re not using gasoline…. So that energy consumption alone is about 60 percent less than a traditional parking structure,” Alan said.

Precise, computer-controlled parking also prevents possible vehicular damage.

“No cars get scratched. No birds get in there. Your car’s going to stay clean,” said Walter Marks, owner of Helms Bakery. “You can leave it unlocked and there’s no one in there to get it.”

Auto Parkit said it is currently in talks to build more than 40 garages in the Los Angeles area.

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AutoParkit System Dubbed ‘Future of Parking’


WARREN, Ohio – “The future of parking in Los Angeles” will be on display March 10 when the ribbon is cut on that city’s largest fully-automated parking structure, which was built by Warren native Christopher Alan and his AutoParkit LLC, says the developer of the historic Helms Bakery District.

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Auto Parkit LA Site Opens, Warren Operation Next


WARREN, Ohio – Auto Parkit LLC plans to move forward with its proposed multimillion-dollar project in Warren although it might not be at the former Packard Electric Building on Dana Street Northeast.

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Today, municipalities are focusing on smart urban in-fill and redevelopment projects, so builders must look for new ways to provide sufficient parking. The challenges of developing urban environments are numerous and often idiosyncratic, but adequate parking is always an issue. The limitations inherent in traditional parking structures often result in extremely inefficient parking with excessively high construction costs and little or no return on investment.

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Now automated parking could help L.A.’s air quality and more

With the development of one fully-automated parking facility in Sherman Oaks under his belt, AutoParkit executive Christopher Alan tells us how his plan to revolutionize the way Angelenos park is shifting into high gear.

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Imagine a future free of parking hassles. AutoParkiT ( has built the first fully automated parking structure in Los Angeles in an upscale apartment community. It’s the first-ever system of its kind in Southern California that promises to revolutionize parking.

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Hate Valet? Not to Worry; Help Is at Hand

But imagine a different world, one free of such proletarian strivers. You pull into your high-end condo building, drive your car onto a steel pallet and shut off the engine. The glass door of the oversized elevator closes and you and your car are whisked upward at 650 feet per minute.

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