Who We Are

Moments after closing the webinar from a recent, energetic project meeting on our next AutoParkit development, a simple observation was noted. We are all geeks about cars. It was not limited to the internal team, but the extended team as well. Partners, integrators, distributors, suppliers all share this underlying common bond.  Now that may seem a bit extreme but aside from sharing the dream of changing the way people will park their vehicles (safer, fasters, easier with a smaller carbon footprint) the casual observation was more than true.

If they handed out an award at our company for biggest car geek our President, Christopher Alan, would win in a landslide. Hands Down. No Questions Asked. Not Even Close. Throw In The Towel.


Here is just a little insight on how enthusiastic C. Alan is about cars. AutoParkit is already sponsoring racing.

Chapter 9 - IMG 1

Okay if that is not too far of a stretch for you. Consider this: Guess who is teaching his son how to race cars at the ripe ole age of 13. You guessed it. I asked C. Alan about this trying to understand how this happened. All I got was a lot of hand waving and something about building self-esteem. Seriously does anyone think Jr. here (shown below) has a confidence problem?

Chapter 9 - IMG 2

All I can say is that apple did not fall far from the track.


We work hard and play even harder. We share a passion for cars. We come to work every day to fuse building construction, factory automation and IT to deliver a world class solution to a global, growing problem. In-between we find time to enjoy our geeky obsessions with cars in our own peculiar ways.


John Deenihan our staff Architect texted me the following picture of a recent addition to his driveway with the short caption “So Sweet”.

Chapter 9 - IMG 3