Back of a Napkin

The best Ideas are often written on the back of a napkin.

Chapter 6 - IMG 1


This is how ideas take the next step. They go from ideas to drawing. So as we have written about “How many cars can you park?” the easiest step to finding that question is to send us an address and the dimensions of the site. We can google-earth your site to find the particulars. We have received hundreds of requests some of which have come on the back of a napkin. Nothing more than an outline of a building, with some dimension and from that have created automated parking concepts.

Chapter 6 - IMG 2

Above is a typical floor plan when we have a fairly rectangular site. The site allows for maximum density and efficient throughput.  The following design is called a “sandwich” design since the first level is retained for retail using lower levels for parking along with the second/third (or possibly more not show) for parking leaving upper levels for office or condominium.

Chapter - IMG 3

What is similar to both of these design concepts is that they literally started from a basic sketch similar to the photograph above and our architectural team is able to provide amazing results.


So if you have a plan regardless of the detail you can always send it to and I will make sure we can answer those first three questions: How many can you park? How much? How fast?