Singles, Tandems, Triples Oh My

In my last edition we discussed factors that drive the density of vehicles parked or answering the preverbal question “How many cars can you park?”  However I failed to mention the easiest way to answer that question is to send us an email at with a site address. In about 2-3 days (less if the site is fairly uncomplicated) you will have our answer. We normally include a few options in our response.

Once we have a basic understanding of the site and potentially peak demand requirements we are ready to begin the layout. As options unfold cell density materializes. If you want to re-familiarize yourself to the Cell, Single; Cell, Tandem; Cell Triple definition in the AutoParkit Dictionary I will wait…


A Single Cell as the name implies holds one pallet. (the pallet can be empty or contain a vehicle) Likewise the Tandem Cell holds two pallets and finally the Triple Cell holds three pallets.


Why this is important? Density. The number of singles, tandems and triples is that it is a trade-off on efficiency of cycle time and density of vehicles parked.

Chapter 5 - IMG 1