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Breaking ground is one of the sweetest phrases in the English Language. September 15, 2014 the Helms Bakery (www.helmsbakery.com) Project broke ground! As any seasoned developer will confess from initial concept to drawings and endless meetings, code research, details, pushbacks, revisions, corrections, additions, it can be an exhausting process. Now couple that with a relatively new parking concept it can add a tad bit of stress. Fortunately working with AutoParkit we pioneered the LA Building Codes to address a Fully Automated Parking Structure and secured a LARR (Los Angeles Research Report Number). Experience is a dividend that pays early and throughout the entire process.


Like so many developments, it always starts with backing up before moving forward. As the site is readied for the construction it is sometimes hard to believe that this conventional urban, surface parking lot will soon house a cutting-edge, fully-automated parking structure that will challenge globally any installation for parking/retrieval speed, density, safety, and set new standards for green building development. Installations from New York, Tokyo, or Dubai will want to take notice of the AutoParkit System here in Los Angeles; that seamlessly integrates building construction, automation and IT to provide an unparalleled user parking experience. It demonstrates a cost effective solution for a developer and a welcome treasure for any metropolitan area struggling with parking issues.  Stay tuned…



Project Name Helms Bakery II
Project Location 3235 Hutchison Avenue, LA 34
Maximum Vehicles Parked 241
Vehicle Envelope Size LxWxH

Level 2-A

Level 2-B, 2-C, 2-D


L 18’ 7.0”  W 6’ 7.0”  H 6’ 5.0”

L 18’ 7.0”, W 6’ 7.0”  H 5’ 4.0”

Maximum Vehicle Weight 6,000 pounds
Number of Load Bays Two (2)
Number of Levels 4
Grade Level Spaces 51 Traditional Spaces  and  Two Load Bays
Level 2 50 Spaces
Level 3 50 Spaces
Level 4 50 Spaces
Level 5 50 Spaces
Number of Lifts  Two(2) 5 Level Lift
Number of Shuttles Eight (8)
Number of Shuffles Four (4)
Number of Pallets 200